Do you usually really feel bloated after consuming meals? Often brought on by extreme gasoline manufacturing or disturbance within the digestive tract, bloating also can trigger ache and discomfort, and even make the abdomen seem larger.

If you happen to even have been affected by the difficulty, we have now a easy residence treatment by ayurvedic skilled Dr Dixa Bhavsar that will assist.


1 tsp – Cumin seeds
1 tsp – Fennel seeds
1 tsp – Carom seeds
1 glass- Water


*Boil all of the spices in a single glass of water till it reduces to half. Pressure. Add lemon if you happen to like.

The right way to have it?

*Have it twice a day one-hour publish meals.

How does it assist?

Carom, cumin, and fennel seeds are recognized to be efficient in combating digestive issues, together with gasoline and constipation. Whereas carom comprises energetic enzymes, cumin water secretes digestive enzymes that assist increase digestion and enhance intestine well being. Fennel seeds are recognized to remove abdomen points aside from freshening the breath after meals. Fennel seeds additionally calm down the gastrointestinal tract spasms that assist cross gasoline and relieve bloating.


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