Algorithms can be weird at times. In a newly discovered glitch, if you happen to turn on ‘content restriction’ on your iPhone then Apple may block all words related to ‘Asian’ on Safari. Be it ‘Asian’, ‘Asian food’, ‘Asian Institute of Gastroenterology’ or ‘Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties’, Apple will automatically block search results from appearing on Safari. This was first reported by the Independent.

If you have set the search engine of Safari to Chrome then all search keywords which include the term ‘Asian’ automatically get blocked. In case you are using Microsoft Bing, then some words related to ‘Asian’ get blocked and not all.
Most iPhone users are unaware that Apple had introduced something called content filters with iOS 12, two years back. And you need to do some digging inside the Setting menu to actually enable it. It is only after you have enabled content filtering that you will face this problem. Under Settings go to Screen Time – Content & Privacy Restrictions – Content Restrictions – Web Content – Limited Adult Websites.

This option is primarily meant to restrict users from surfing pornographic content on Safari. But strangely, it is blocking the word ‘Asian’ altogether. Apple is yet to provide any official response regarding the matter and many developers took to Twitter to highlight the issue.


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